Child Dedication Nov 2023

The Shofars Call To Prayer

Outreach at Christ Central Church July 2023

Outreach Earlswood Baptist Church March 2023

Christmas carols at The Feathers Pub December 2022

Street Evanglism

Quality Street Fair

Enter Praise Night 2022

Welcomed with prayer.

Bags of Hope were given out at Halloween!


New church members welcomed


Painting during MBC prophetic Praise Night

MBC Band

Celebrating Baptism


Big Church Day Out


Child Dedication service


  Carols at the Co-op

     Carols at the Hub

Carols at The Feathers Pub, Merstham.


Mission Worship Conference at Kings Church, Eastbourne.


Children had a Superhero’s Light Party at MBC.


After church walk to St. Andrew’s church in Gatton Park